Thursday, November 26, 2009

organic sunscreen

Just in time for the holiday's........

30+ sunscreen, enriched with all natural and certified organic ingredients, now available from our online store.

What active ingredient does WOTNOT sunscreen use?

The new formula uses a high concentration of micronised Zinc Oxide (250mg/g) as the only active. Zinc Oxide protects by reflecting UV-A and UV-B rays away from the skin rather than chemical actives which absorb these rays.

Is it safe to use on babies and people with sensitive skin?

Babies should be sheltered from the sun as much as possible. However when this isn't possible or for people with sensitive skin, wotnot sunscreen is a great option. As with any product, if you feel that you or your baby may be allergy prone then we recommend that you do a patch test before general use.

Does it use synthetic preservatives?

WOTNOT sunscreen is self preserving. There are no synthetic preservatives added which can cause allergy.

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