Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mulberry Tree Organic & Piccalilly

Piccalilly was the first brand that I discovered when researching brands that would fit in with Mulberry Tree Organic's Ethos. I first emailed Hannah the founder of Piccalilly late 2008 and asked for information on the brand, soon after I recieved the info I realised that I needed to speak to her. It was a long conversation and at the end of it I knew Piccalilly was a perfect brand to launch Mulberry Tree Organic. Hannah and I are both very passionate about what we are trying to achieve and I am sure the conversation would have been alot longer had we not been on opposite sides of the world.

It was when I recieved my first order that I realised why the brand was so popular in the UK and Hannah was finding it hard to keep up with demand, despite the UK being hit hard by the recession. If you love brands like Benetton and Gap you will love Piccalilly, I think it is the Organic brand that provides us with those practical items of clothing that our kids love to wear and you get to feel good too because they have been produced in an ethical way. Piccalilly only uses Fairtrade producers and manufacturers and Hannah makes the trip to India once a year to touch base and see the process for herself.

Hannah launched Piccalilly in 2006 after the birth of her first child and things have been moving fast for the Yorkshire Dales business over the last few years. Their core values have remained the same from day one, they set out to build a brand of bright and individual clothes that were ethically produced but appealed beyond just the typical ethical consumer. Colour, style and a sense of fun lie at the heart of the Piccalilly brand and you and your child will love feel great about choosing Piccalilly.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

re-cycle, re-use

I have a habit of finding, (what some people call junk) treasure and getting very excited about giving it a new lease of life. My most recent project is this bicycle which will be part of my display for Mulberry Tree Organic. It was a lovely day today in Melbourne and thought I would take it for a spin just outside the Mulberry warehouse. It works a treat and I didn't have to worry about getting a puncture as the tyres are rubber bands. Sometimes the child in me just needs to be let out to play.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day out in Daylesford

After a crazy start to the year I decided to head out of town with a very good friend and soak up some of our beautiful countryside. Our day out in Daylesford consisted of heading firstly to the trash and treasure market which is held at the railway station, you will always find plenty of interesting objects and the stall holders are a great source of info about the local area. We then went for lunch at the convent to re fuel and get ready for our amble through all the interesting shops along the High Street. If you are heading to Daylesford I would recommend the short drive onto Hepburn Springs which apart from all the fabulous spas is also where my favourite shop is located in the area. “Walk the Dog” a gallery shop were you will feel very comfortable browsing, there are lots of unique treasures from photography, jewellery, pottery, artwork, clothing ect. at very reasonable prices...... well worth a visit!

On our way out of Daylesford (clearly signed) we followed a dirt road to Daylesford Organics’ gateway store. Here we bought some organic seasonal produce directly from Brendon and Kate the producers. The couple are very welcoming and we enjoyed having a chat and watching their kids Indi, Jazzy and little Pepper enjoy the freedom and relaxed lifestyle they have. I couldn't help thinking how they were going to grow up having wonderful memories of their childhood.

We had a lovely day at Daylesford it is full of great architecture, beautiful scenery and great shopping for us girls to indulge ourselves in. I felt totally rejuvenated when I got home and was looking forward to getting busy again with Mulberry Tree Organic.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mulberry Tree Organic Lover

I had a visit from a little organic lover today, a very handsome little boy called Dillon. He is heading off on his first holiday abroad this weekend to the beautiful Island of Fiji and thought that this little outfit was just the ticket for his exciting adventure.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Mulberry Tree Organic - *SALE ON NOW*

Mulberry Tree Organic's end of season sale starts today, so click here to grab a bargin. Whether you are already an organic cotton lover or want to find out what all the fuss is about you should take advantage of our fantastic sale items. Your baby will love them and so will you!