Monday, August 23, 2010

Organic Newborn Skin Care - Little Pumpkin

We love to get to know the people behind the brands that we stock. Sascha and Suzannah have recently launched a luxurious organic skin care brand called Newborn Little Pumpkin with Little Pumpkin Tonics coming very soon. A range of the products are available at Mulberry Tree Organic and will also be added to some of our gift boxes as it makes a perfect gift. Here we asked the girls just a few questions to find out a little more about them.

Why did you choose an organic business?

We have always been motivated to develop benefit-driven, beautiful products and believe that natural, wild-crafted and organic ingredients offer the best quality, in the purest form - and therefore the best outcome possible. We also wanted to embrace the challenge of bringing an elegant, sophisticated product to the organic market.

We love rare and exotic ingredients that have distinctive aromas and that are highly functional, and consider it a vital part of the business to know as many of the producers personally and foster relationships directly. This ensures the highest quality, the most beautiful textures and aromas with the greatest benefits possible. Most importantly, it ensures the product integrity is maintained. We are also very conscious of the origins and production processes of the products we use and actively support fair trade operations, cruelty free production and boutique-sized artisan operations. For example, we select our organic shea butter not only for its superior quality, but also the support to the community programs where it is made. Its operation of women belonging to farming groups and co-operatives of northern Uganda and Southern Sudan, brought together through the Shea Project for Local Conservation and Development, a highly innovative new industry which reduces female labour, lifts women's incomes and directly benefits household food security. Additionally, when sourcing bees wax, the only non-vegetable ingredient used, it is sourced from a bee keeper in northern NSW who operates production with the highest degree of kindness and respect for the bees.

What makes you get up in the morning?

We're doing what we love! It's an opportunity for usto be creative, constantly challenged and most importantly, the opportunity to provide a premium product designed to genuinely benefit those who use it.

What do you love about your products?

We're inspired by the finest, purest ingredients purveyed from around the globe. We adore their exquisite aromas and decadent textures, and love the creative and technical challenge of combining such beautiful ingredients to create distinctive, benefit-driven collections.

What do you look forward to each day?

The challenge of being creative and entrepreneurial.

Who inspires you?

Artisans of all descriptions - their methodology, passion and techniques when creating distinctive high-quality wares.

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